Scrumptious bacon panini

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Hello Everyone!

Today I share recipe as simple as it is flavorful. Arisen, as many big ideas, in a moment.


  • Baguette.
  • Butter.
  • Gouda Cheese.
  • Bacon.
  • Ripe tomatoes.
  • Oregano.
  • Black pepper.
  • Paprika.
  • Cayenne Pepper.


Put to the tomatoes in the pan grill and allow to cook a little. Add the bacon in a proportion of two parts of bacon to one part of tomato. When the bacon has cooked a little and drained a bit of fat add some green oregano in powder, black pepper and paprika. Once they have mixed add a touch of cayenne pepper.

Place that mixture on the baguette bread that has been previously toasted with some butter. Places a  slice of gouda cheese gouda so that it melts with the heat of the mixture. Toast a bit more if you so desire.

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2 Responses to Scrumptious bacon panini

  1. Great mouth watering photos… and everything is better with BACON!!!

  2. Thanks Dave! We love bacon lovers!!


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