Jenny’s corn dessert!

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Hello everyone!

Today I’m happy to share a delicious recipe a dear friend, subscriber and sponsor sent me:thanks Jenny!

It is delightfully simple, which makes it even better!

Jenny's corn dessert

This dessert has an incredibly attractive texture. It is a corn dessert that tastes like corn!


  • 3 cans of sweet corn (drained)
  • 3 cans of condensed milk.
  • A bit of vanilla.
  • 5 eggs.
  • Butter.
  • A bit of salt

My touch 

  • 1 small jar of maraschino cherries.
  • 1 small can of milk flan


Blend the eggs for some minutes, then added the corn (well drained), the milk, the tiny bit  of salt and the vanilla and allow it to liquefy well.  Butter grease a mold and take to the oven at mid high for 40 minutes.

Jenny's corn dessert

When the knife comes out clean it’s ready.

I put some milk flan around and on top and decorated it with cherries and some cherry juice.

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Arturo (with the help of the Sous Chef”)

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4 Responses to Jenny’s corn dessert!

  1. This looks fantastic! What a great way to use corn.

  2. Beautiful photo… just wanted to stop and say thanks for being a part of erecipecards… Love your recipes…

    All of your recipes show up here…
    Great body of work (so far)… Keep submitting 😉

  3. Wow! You’re too much! Thanks! Loved your blog!!

    Thanks a bunch Dave! I appreciate so much your support!!

  4. Andres says:

    Love this dessert!!!

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