Deep fried pork belly rice!!

Dominican pork belly rice

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Hello Everyone!!

Locrio is one of the most traditional foods in Dominican cuisine. I guess in part because Dominicans feel that if we have not eaten rice they have not eaten at all. Which is why you shouldn’t be too quick to alarm if a Dominican tells you he has eaten in 3 days because it can very well mean that he have not had rice in 3 days.

deep fried pork belly rice!

I have shared many locrios so far, but I’m just scratching the surface!

Today I share a very delicious one, but one not seen frequently, specially in the city.

Some days ago, getting ready for my sister Alexandra’s welcoming (Self proclaimed fogoncito fan club president), I bought some pork belly to make “chicharrones” for “mofongo” But I guess I bought too much and saw myself with the rare chance to prepare some “locrio de chicharron” (deep fried pork belly rice) enjoy! We did!

Ingredients for the pork belly rice

  • 4 cups of rice
  • 1 spoonful of garlic paste
  • 2 pounds of “chicharrones” (deep fried pork belly)
  • Tomato paste
  • 1 big red onion
  • 1 cubanela pepper
  • Cilantrico, cilantro and salt to taste
  • 1 bouillon cube

Directions for preparing pork belly rice

Lightly fry  all the less ingredients with the exception of the rice and chicharrones (fried pork belly) We call that “sofrito”.

Allow to caramelize and then add 4 cups of water, allow to boil.

Once it begins to boil add the rice and the deep fried pork belly and stir until the rice has absorbed the water and is drying off.

Cover and allow to cook at low fire for half hour and then yum yum yummy!!

Note: This recipe is for when you already have deep fried pork belly, if you don’t then:

Generally we buy pork belly or just skin (capa) and fry it. We take the pork belly and boil it in seasoning (garlic, salt, oregano, sour orange juice), then fry it in abundant oil. If you have lard even better. Once crispy you may eat or if you have leftovers, make this rice with it!

If you are still wondering, you can watch our video in youtube:

A big hug from the warm Caribbean


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4 Responses to Deep fried pork belly rice!!

  1. Ivan. says:

    Another outta bounds dish! keep bringin’ it…Show why we love our country cuisine so much.

  2. Thanks bro’! will definitely keep em coming!! LOL!

  3. olga says:

    Totally confused with the recipe: “Deep fried pork belly rice” – Do I fry the Pork belly by itself, then fry all the rest of ingredients together. Need to know more of what order to cook all ingredients.
    Rice of course, is cooked by itself.

    • Hi Olga,

      Can’t blame you! Thanks for pointing out some issues with our post. We have corrected it and even added a video from our youtube channel. Hope you enjoy and please don’t hesitate to leave your comments and questions. Your comment was amazingly constructive! You rock!

      By the way, no, rice in a locrio should be cooked along with the protein. Please read the revised post. Thanks again!


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