Jamaican Breeze: Markie B!

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Hello to all!!

As the say goes: I wasn’t dead, I was just partying!! LOL! Well, as you know, my “Sous chef” and I were celebrating our anniversary and just came back last Wednesday. I took some 200 pictures of different foods we ate in the food paradise NYC is! I will be sharing them on the coming weekends, explaining how, where, etc. until I run out of pictures, which could take a while, considering we pigged out big time.

I’ll begin by sharing what I ate in a Jamaican restaurant that in Astoria Boulevard with 103 St., in Queens, New York (near the La Guardia Airport)

I ate an extraordinarily flavorful and tremendously well-known meal: rice with pigeon peas and coconut with stewed goat. The flavors were very familiar, with a lightly different touch. The goat meat was mildly hot (as is traditional also in the Dominican Republic) but everything was very flavorful.

I also tried their “Island Drink”. The flavor is pleasant, resembling that of a fruit punch, although it is a little bit too spicy for my taste, since they make heavy use of ginger.

I strongly recommend the goat and the coconut rice.

Next weekend I will continue sharing pictures of the trip!

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4 Responses to Jamaican Breeze: Markie B!

  1. kat says:

    thank goodness your back! i love your blog and all those tasty pics of food you post! no exception here, looks like a great restaurant! what is that pink drink btw?

    • LOL! Thanks!! I’m not sure what the drink is made of, but it tastes like fruit punch. The difference is that it is very spicy, even a bit hot. I believe this is due to the ginger you can taste in it. (A lot of it!)

  2. Louise says:

    Welcome back, Arturo! I adore Jamaican food! It is one of the many foods I miss since moving to Pennsylvania from New York. When I lived on Long Island, in New York, I often took the train into the city simply to “pig out”!

    Thanks for sharing…

  3. LOL! I know! we ate so much! I was surprised at how similar it is to Dominican food. This is a common everyday meal in the DR. Maybe some slight differences, but mostly the same taste. (Of course I loved it!)

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