Pork tenderloin & prune sauce!

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Hello my dear friends!!

After some days off the kitchen (In which I devoted myself to eating other people’s food) today I’m finally back!

This recipe is a variation of mommy’s traditional recipe and it is truly impressive. (yes, I do call my mom “mommy”! LOL!)

Some years ago, in Christmas time, mommy bought two pork tenderloins and gave me one for me  to prepare the way I wanted to, while she prepared the other one. When we both presented our versions the family’s general opinion is that there was a “tie”, but the truth is that I always believed mommy’s was considerably better, and I said so. Mommy broke from the traditional recipe with a sauce taken out from under the sleeve. A winning prune sauce!

Last weekend we had one of those famous family meals (Which we have at least once a month!) and I had my payback opportunity. I believe that this is one of the best I’ve ever prepared. A soft and juicy texture and an outstanding flavor!

Ingredients to season the loin 

  •  1 pork tenderloin of about 5 pounds.
  •  2 spoonfuls of garlic paste
  •  2 spoonfuls of oregano.
  •  2 spoonfuls of black pepper.
  •  5 teaspoons of salt.
  •  ¼ cup of red wine.
  •  1 spoonful of clam sauce.
  •  2 spoonfuls of olive oil.
  •  2 spoonfuls of balsamic vinegar.

Anoint all these ingredients with your hands and give it at least 48 hours (if at all possible) so that it is marinated in this season.

Additional ingredient 

  • Italian sausage or longanizza.


Put the loin in roasting tray with all its seasonings and juices, make a hole right in the middle from end to end and stuff it with longanizza or Italian sausage, cover it completely with aluminum foil and put it in oven. Put the fire to the maximum for ten minutes. Once the ten minutes have passed lower the fire and allow it to cook on slow fire.

Ingredients for the sauce 

  •  ½ cup balsamic vinegar.
  •  1 cup prune juice
  •  The juices of the roasted loin (you will have to wait for the loin to drain the juices)
  •  1 spoonful of cornstarch diluted in ½ cup of water (cold)

Allow the loin to roast some 2 and a half hours. Uncover it and take out the juices. Cover it again and allow it to continue roasting for one hour.

With the juices prepare the sauce and set apart.

Once the hour has passed uncover the loin and raise up the fire to the maximum for about 15 minutes. Take out the loin, spill the sauce above, cover and allow to rest 15 minutes before eating. Let me to how it turned out!

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4 Responses to Pork tenderloin & prune sauce!

  1. Ivan. says:

    Arturo that looks amazing! send me a slice of that Delicious pork!

  2. LOL! It was amazing!!…yes, was! 😦

  3. Prunes and meat is such a wicked combination. I often put prunes and italian sausage in my stuffing when roasting a chicken. Your pork tenderloin and prune sauce sounds delicious!

  4. You know? I’m going to try that next time I roast a chicken! Thanks for the idea! (And thanks for checking us!)

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