Coconut pigeon pea stuffed chicken!

¡Hello my dear friends!

Today I share another one of my many versions of “roasted chicken” (In the Spanish side I have many more than in the English side, sorry about that!) For this version I recommend few people or a good referee since I usually have brawls over the stuffing! LOL!

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This recipe came up as I prepared food for one of our famous family reunions. I prepared the coconut pigeon pea rice early to have some more time for the other things I needed to prepare, so as I was putting the chicken in the oven I glansed at the rice and thought: “why not?” so I stuffed the chicken with it and put it in!

When you roast the chicken like I do, at very slow fire and allowing it to drain its juices and fat and you stuff your chicken with rice, be it White rice or a mixed rice, something marvelous is bound to happen. The rice will absorb all of it, the best of the roast! Something for those not afraid to eat!

To see how to roast the chicken you can go to my potato stuffed chicken recipe.  If you speak Spanish you can benefit from all the roasted chicken recipes in the Spanish site (Sorry, I haven’t found the courage to translate them all!) Here’s the link: “Recetas de pollo asado en el Fogoncito”

For the Coconut Pigeon Pea Rice récipe you can click here: coconut pigeon pea rice

I’m getting ready for Thanksgiving with a really traditional récipe for my stuffed Turkey. So stay tuned.

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4 Responses to Coconut pigeon pea stuffed chicken!

  1. Ivan. says:

    looks great, be over in few! do not forget the avocado and tostones!..

  2. kat says:

    perfect roast chicken! looks gorgeous and such a beautiful color all around!! 🙂

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