NYC Best burgers! Shake Shack!

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¡Hello Dear Friends and fellow foodies!

Since the “Sous Chef” and I started planning our anniversary trip, we started looking for recommendations from our NYC friends. We looked for some of the best places to visit and eat and we were looking for street food above all, as it’s usually a great expression of a city’s character.

One of the best recommendations we got was to make sure we did not leave the city without hitting Shake Shack and getting a burger there.

Even though Shake Shack already has many branches in the city and even out of the city we wanted to go “where it all started” so we went to the one in Madison Square Park, closet o Madison Ave. and 23rd St.

I have to admit it was the best burger ever! We’re already planning to stay at a hotel close by next time we go to NYC. The line is long but it’s well worth it!

Juicy, perfectly cooked, great quality meat and perfectly sized burgers is what we got! If you’re a big eater then get at least two to warm up, but you’ll probably end up having at least 4.

And the fries?! Amazing! And we didn’t even try their shakes, and that’s what they’re famous for! Next time!

As Christmas approaches we start feeling the fresh breeze of Caribbean Winter… you can hear already the traditional merengues and decorations… don’t go to far as son you’ll start smelling the delicious traditional recipes of Dominican Christmas!

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2 Responses to NYC Best burgers! Shake Shack!

  1. kat says:

    YUM! I’ve heard a lot about this place! Looks so good! And those fries!! OMG I want! Is is better than In-N-Out?

  2. Wouldn’t know. Haven’t been to any State who had a In-n-out, but would love to try!! You let me know when you try Shake Shack! 🙂

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