A lusciously juicy steak sandwich!!

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Hello dear friends and fellow foodies!!

About a month ago the “Sous Chef” and I had the opportunity to try a truly amazing sandwich that became an instant member of our all time favorite sandwich list!

We were shopping at Jersey Gardens, New Jersey and as snow fell (so much earlier than it was supposed to!) we began worrying about returning to NYC and so decided to grab a bite and get on our way!

We first took a look at Nathan’s®, but the line was very long and the prices not so appealing (Besides the fact that we Dominicans are highly allergic to long lines) so we chose to go to the next place, and we didn’t regret it, The Great Steak and Potato Company® really lived up to their motto “America’s premier cheesesteak”!

They prepare the fillets by finely cutting them and then pan grilling them while seasoning and adding a flavorful, juicy rich sauce. Then they put them in a fresh baguette and relish to your desire.

When you bite, you can feel the juicy fillet pieces as they separate and make you go for the extra pull leaving you with a very full mouth and a wide grin… flavorful, well cooked and tender meat.

If you find yourself in Jersey Gardens, New Jersey, we recommend it 100%!

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