The lunch before the big dinner!

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Hello friends and fellow foodies!!

Merry Christmas to all!

The most traditional meal for Dominicans is without doubt the Christmas Eve’s Dinner. It is habit that families unite around its ” Patriarchs “, usually the oldest couple: The Grandparents. In some cases, elder siblings can assume the role, but it’s less common.

Pasteles en hoja

When a couple marries, one of the first serious challenges comes quickly on the very first Christmas. Deciding which family dinner to attend is not an easy choice and takes a lot of negotiating sometimes.

In my case it all came too easy. The “Sous chef” and I celebrated our 10th anniversary a month ago and we’ve never had an issue. Happily for both of us, her family celebrates a lunch instead of a dinner, so we can “easily” attend both. The only thing is attending this huge banquet (where you’re also expected to take food home) and then attend the other one a few hours later without blowing up like a balloon! So I guess that explains why I haven’t posted in a few days. As you know I publish what I cook and the last few days have been “reheating days”!

A nice plate (squeezing some lemon on the pork)

I’d like to share some pictures of the lunch of December 24. I’ll share some of the dinner later along with some recipes I intend to share before new year. Enjoy the pics!

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