“Eco panini!” (Leftover sandwich!)

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Hello friends and fellow foodies!!

Happy New Year 2012!

So, yesterday was my birthday and even though I was able to post this in Spanish yesterday, I was a bit lazy to do the translation to this side! Sorry guys!

I wanted to do something delicious: a full gear no script lasagna! But the “Sous chef” kicked me out of the kitchen (It was my birthday after all) to make some birthday blueberry cheesecake and banana nut bread, but those recipes will be coming later. Today I share with you an “Eco sandwich”. I mean, who doesn’t love those roasted meats leftover sandwiches we make after the big meals of the 25th and 31st (Dominicans have 2 big dinner parties on those 2 days) I guess the same applies for Thanksgiving.

Leftovers are such a “problem” that no one really minds having it. Those cold cut sandwiches are something else. If you add that to the good feeling of “recycling” you get when you fetch yourself a roasted pork leg (also called “Cubano” or Cuban) or a roasted turkey sandwich, you’ll have to agree with me that this “Eco sandwich” is “tha’ bomb!” (LOL!)

Here’s my version (You can add anything you like!)


  1. Telera or baguette (French loaf of bread)
  2. Roasted meat (turkey or pork) from the Christmas dinners (24th and 31st) or Thanksgiving dinner.
  3. Butter.
  4. Tomato.
  5. Bacon.
  6. Gouda Cheese (or other kind you like that melts well)
  7. Red bell peppers.
  8. Black olives
  9. Olive oil.
  10. Salt and pepper.


Butter your bread and toast it lightly.

Lightly fry the peppers, olives and bacon with olive oil. Let the tomato sit on the pan grill for a little while. Add as many layers of delicious roasted meat, cheese and the other ingredients as you see fit. Allow to toast a bit more.


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