Mamá Pura’s recipes. The cookbook!

Today’s a very special day for and its English speaking sister

Many of you, the older ones at the site, know who “Mamá Pura” is.

“Mamá Pura” is my grandma and one of the three great traditional Dominican cooks that influenced my cooking style, along “Mamá Antonia” (mom) y “Mama Anadina” (my “sous chef’s” mom and mother in law)

“Las recetas de Mamá Pura” (“Mamá Pura’s recipes) is the first volume in a collection of cookbooks that record my trip along traditional Dominican food, its roots and secrets. This first volume is comprised of some of the most famous basic Dominican recipes. The following volumes in the collection have other views.

 “Las recetas de Mamá Pura” (“Mamá Pura’s recipes) is about simple, basic traditional Dominican food.

 “Las recetas de Mamá Antonia” (“Mamá Antonia’s recipes) will be about modern Dominican cuisine, fusions and my concept of neotraditional Dominican food. Modern Dominican food inspired on the most traditional recipes.

 “Las recetas de Mamá Anadina” (“Mamá Anadina’s recipes) will be about advanced Dominican food.

Unfortunately at this time “Las recetas de Mamá Pura” (“Mamá Pura’s recipes) is only available in Spanish. I’m already working on the English edition but it will take me some time to have it out.

You may purchase “Las recetas de Mamá Pura” (“Mamá Pura’s recipes) in full color format at Createspace at a reduced price. I’m also giving a 10% discount code (not available for Amazon) Code 2T5UFC45 To go just click over the image.

 “Las recetas de Mamá Pura”

You may also get it in black and white format at an even lower price at Createspace. You can still use code 2T5UFC45 for an additional 10% discount. Just click on the image.

 “Las recetas de Mamá Pura”

Both editions are also available through Amazon.

Full color edition.

 “Las recetas de Mamá Pura”

Black and white.

 “Las recetas de Mamá Pura”

I thank you all again for your support. It is thanks to your support that I can present today yer another effort in spreading and get to know Dominican cooking. I’ll try to have the English edition ready as soon as I can.


About Arturo Féliz-Camilo

Escritor. Consultor. Historiador. Cocinero tradicional Dominicano. (Writer. Consultant. Historian. Dominican traditional food cook)
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