Whole Foods® in NYC!

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Hello friends!!

One of the things that I enjoy more about travelling is checking out (and trying out) street food, as I feel that street food portraits culture of the country in a way nothing else does and visiting supermarkets and produce markets.

Markets are incredibly interesting for me.  You can really get an idea of what people eat and what people don’t eat, what’s easy to find and what’s impossible to find, for one simple reason: markets sell what sells.

Some months ago, when we were on vacation in New York,  we visited some markets and supermarkets in different areas. Loved it! Supermarkets uptown carry so many things you can’t find in Middletown or downtown markets. I guess the highly Hispanic populated neighborhoods are responsible for that. They even had some Dominican products I can’t find in Dominican Republic!

More cheeses and jams

So we wanted to visit “Whole Foods” and we did. For those not familiar to New York City it’s not exactly “out there” and after walking around the block a few times my wife (“The sous chef”) decided to do the incredibly illogical and absolutely perplexing: she asked one of the many people walking around with “whole foods” bags and that’s how a minute later we were there.

It’s located in “Columbus Circle”, in the intersection of the Eighth Avenue, Broadway, Central Park South (59 West) and Central Park West) but it’s downstairs (at an underground level) in the “Time Warner” building.

We enjoyed it. Not very cheap, but they do sell organic and premium, so cheap is not exactly what you expect.

I leave you some pics!


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4 Responses to Whole Foods® in NYC!

  1. terrisitagg says:

    I shop there when I go to Miami, and am always impressed with the abundance, and variety! I can never leave without taking home a new kind of cheese, or a different style of olive or fruit. Love to shop there, but so looking forward to shopping in the D.R.!

  2. billpeeler says:

    I’m a big fan of Whole Foods – the quality and variety really is the best! Their prices, not so much.

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