Chronicles of a “cocinao”! (Dominican cook-off)

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Hello y’all! LOL!

Some time ago we joined in one of the thousand celebrations we have every year and made a “cocinao” (Basically a Dominican family cook-off) If there’s something characteristic about Dominicans is that we are always looking for a reason to celebrate and there’s none we just make one up! There is no doubt that life in the Dominican Republic is very cheerful. Dominicans are simply said, happy people, we generally don’t plan on doing big things but we do live big! Even the poor find joy with a president beer by the sea, and there’s a lot of both (president beer and sea)

red bean rice

The cheerful lifestyle is not exclusively Dominica, it’s common to Caribbean people, I can attest to the fact puertoricans are even more cheerful and party loving, if possible and are Cubans brothers are not far behind, if at all! So, when you travel to the Caribbean, be it Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico or Cuba, be ready to enjoy life, eat, drink and be showered by sun, beaches and smiling people!

stewed goat

Well, as I was saying before I started rambling! I’m sharing some pics of a ” cocinao’ ” that we made some days ago at a family gathering. A “cocinao” is simply a bountiful banquet of flavorful, typical and especially abundant dishes. Generally there’s a special occasion, but if we’re feeling like it, and we so frequently are, reason will arise!

Enjoy the pictures and stay here, some very scrumptious recipes coming soon!


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4 Responses to Chronicles of a “cocinao”! (Dominican cook-off)

  1. kat says:

    i love cook offs! everything looks so good!

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