Roast Veal Leg!

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One of the most famous,  jewel of  Dominican cuisine, is the pork roast leg.

Dominicans love food and all our social activities rotate around a ” cocinao ” (cookoff).From the formal and quasi sacred Christmas’s eve dinner to the party “ espaguetada ” (a spaghetti feast) by the beach served from the pot and sided by plain bread.

The tradition of roasted pork is as old as our culture. It takes us back to the pirates of the Caribbean, the Tortuga island, the Buccaneers, the Spaniards and the Taíno natives.  (Our ancestors)  The roast and its seasonings conjugate all of our history in a single event.

roast veal leg

In my family we all love pork, except for my mother (Mama Antonia)  Since we always do pork, we decided to go a bit different today and choose a veal leg. The advantage of the veal is that it is a very noble, sweet and soft meat.

Veal leg has much less fat than pork so the cooking should be more delicate, to avoid it from turning dry. A veal leg could be ready in less than three hours.  This recipe is delicious, soft, tender and one of the most flavorful roast meats you’ll ever try!


  • Veal leg. This has some 9 to 10 pounds.
  • 5 spoonfuls of pasta of garlic. (fresh)
  • Cilantro and cilantrico (a bush of each, chopped and blended)
  • 6-7 spoonfuls of salt.
  • Black pepper.
  • Sour oranges
  • Oregano.


Wash your leg well with abundant water and sour orange juice (you may use lemon if you can’t find sour oranges) Then mix all the seasonings and when they become a homogeneous pasta spread over the leg whole massaging it. Allow at least 2 hours (the preferable thing is to leave it overnight in the refrigerator to marinate properly)


Placed in a tray and cover totally with aluminum foil. Puts in a preheated oven but lower the fire to a medium fire. Don’t open for some two and a half hours.  Then check and rebathe in its own juices.

The meat should already be tender. If not cover and allow some more time. When the meat is completely tender uncover and raise the fire to the maximum (just to give it a nice color)

When it has the right color, takn out and  allowed to rest. (covered) for at least 10 minutes.

Don’t go far, this is getting hotter by the minute! LOL!


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2 Responses to Roast Veal Leg!

  1. billpeeler says:

    This looks delicious – I’ve never had veal like this before, but I’m sure barbequed like this is fantastic. A true thing of beauty!

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