A “Proper Sancocho”!

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Hello friends!!

I had shared some time ago the sancocho recipe, (sorry guys I haven’t got to translating that one) but i always wanted to share how a proper sancocho is made and specially how it’s shared, because Sancocho, more than a dish to eat is a dish to share.

a sancocho

Sancocho is the signature hearty Dominican stew. It has many different proteins (no fish or seafood) generally consisting of beef, chicken, hen and pork in many different varieties (plain meat, sausage, longaniza, smoked pork chops, smoked ribs, etc.) The most respected version is the “7 meat Sancocho” (Sancocho de 7 carnes)

My mother in law, “Mama Anadina”, always makes a “proper Sancocho” on new year and it’s generally enough to share with the whole neighborhood. (About three of these you see me stirring in the pic) literally dozens of people eat that day. Is there a better way to thank for your blessings than sharing your food with everyone?

Hope you enjoy the pics as we did the Sancocho (Although I have my doubts! LOL!)


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6 Responses to A “Proper Sancocho”!

  1. Karen says:

    You brought back memories of when we lived in Santo Domingo for a short while. There was a restaurant that specialized in sancocho…actually that is all that they served, It was very good.

  2. billpeeler says:

    I’m a big fan of different soups – would LOVE to try this!

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