Farm markets

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Hello everyone!

This week I’ll try to make it up to you all and share the pics from the trip to the USA (I need to worry before I get more, I’ll be travelling again in Christmas!)

One of the things that I remember more vividly from my first travels to the USA as an adult, alone and as a member of an exchange visitor program, is the marvelous farm markets. Being a lover of nature, freshly and naturally produced foods and agriculture, makes me a big fan of these kinds of markets!

In 1998 (I was VERY YOUNG then ok?! LOL) as we were looking for some things for dinner, we came across one of these (In Huguenot, NY, it may still be there!) and we got some sweet corn. I remember how I thought the farmer was going crazy when he said “just drop it in boiling water for a minute and out”. I was like “yeah, right! A minute my foot!” Well, it was not only ready, but the sweetest, creamiest corn I’ve ever had. Call it the “corn curse”, but I’ve never tasted anything like that again. Ever.

That’s why I love these farm markets where you can find the freshest, most natural and most incredible quality products.

As we were travelling, and going through a small town called York Springs, in Pennsylvania, we realized we were a bit early for our commitment in Allentown, so we pulled over to enjoy this, and it turned out great!

A lot of pumpkins (Understandable, Halloween almost here) apples, corn, fresh pies, muffins and… oh yes, a complimentary cup of cider. Does it get any better than that?

So next time you visit the USA, or even better, if you happen to live in the USA, don’t pass a opportunity to hit one of these farm markets! You won’t regret it!

A big hug from the rainy Caribbean!


About Arturo Féliz-Camilo

Escritor. Consultor. Historiador. Cocinero tradicional Dominicano. (Writer. Consultant. Historian. Dominican traditional food cook)
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