Two breakfasts and two suppers!

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Hello everyone!

I know I promised this post for yesterday but it was kind of the perfect storm yesterday. An extended business meeting, an unexpected issue and the Harlem Globetrotters being in town! LOL!

This week, I had shared mostly foods that I ate and enjoyed while in the USA. But, as you might imagine, it not easy to spend over a week and not find a kitchen to get play with!

boiled and buttered yuca

At my sister’s house in Philly I had my first chance. A very Dominican breakfast was very welcomed, as work and business does not make it easy for them to eat that kind of breakfast every day. So it was boiled, buttered yuca and butter stir fried onions on top of them. Scrambled eggs with cheese seemed the natural option (I know, we Dominicans are not THAT different! Right!?)

I was actually very pleased and impressed with the quality of the yuca they had. It was comparable to the famous Moca, DR’s yuca, the best of Dominican yuca’s varieties. After all, it wasn’t that of a mystery, as it turned out that’s exactly what it was. Hispanic and especially Dominican population concentration in Philly has driven some supermarkets to import Dominican yuca.

So, I bought some extra and made sure I brought it up to our American family (my other sister’s in law’s) to the West and repeated that same breakfast with success. (Yes, I did play it safe, which is what you do when you cook for someone for the first time! LOL)

At my sisters it was breakfast and then out to work. We came back from a bit late and my favorite niece (I only have one) wanted Sancocho. So what started as a small Sancocho for her, or what we call a “sancochito” turned out to be dinner for 7, which is a very common thing with Sancocho. One of the hardest dishes to make small.

Dominican sancocho (very hot)

After having dinner, my sister and brother in law insisted in taking us out to get a feeling of the city. That turned out very well. A second seafood dinner, cold beers and for me, a nice lobster chowder. Any resemblance between hobbits and Dominicans is pure coincidence.

lobster chowder

I’ll start sharing recipes again next week, I’m out of pics from this travel. Will try to share some I still have left from NYC before I run out of time. I have some serious challenges awaiting me in Florida this Christmas and there will be lots of pics!

A big hug from  the wet and fresh Caribbean (27C/80F today) Showers and storms announced for today!


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Escritor. Consultor. Historiador. Cocinero tradicional Dominicano. (Writer. Consultant. Historian. Dominican traditional food cook)
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4 Responses to Two breakfasts and two suppers!

  1. mariposaoro says:

    Nice!! Would be good to see your recipe for Sancocho though! I love Caribbean recipes,but mostly know Jamaican food.. Cuban and Dominican food share a lot of similarities with Jamaican food..I will look for a Sancocho recipe.. Making me feel inspired..

  2. mariposaoro says:

    Muchas gracias!!

    What is you favourite Jamaican recipe? Have you ever tried Ackee and Saltfish or Curried Goat? If not, type into the search engine on my site and look up a post called ‘Hard Food’, which is just Yuca/Casabe, Bolloo De Masa Hervida(Dumplings), Name, y Platano Verde..Let me know how the recipe goes for you…I will try the Sancocho..Probably this weekend..It reminds me of Jamaican soup that I cook in my house sometimes..

    • I don’t know the ackee and have not seen it here, but we do eat a lot of saltfish (mostly codfish and herring) and you might find some saltfish recipes here.

      We also eat a lot of goat and actually what I had at the Jamaican restaurant was curried goat and pigeon pea rice with coconut (which is also very popular and traditional in the Dominican Republic) so when I tasted it, with some ripe fried plantains, I felt like I was eating Dominican food (mostly from the East of the DR)

      We also eat a lot of bollos, dumplings, ñame, batata, yuca, yautia and all sorts of roots and plantain varieties!

      I will definitely check out your site!

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