Coke® chicken!

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Hello dear friends and fellow foodies!

In my search of new recipes and ideas I frequently come across ideas and suggestions that are just crazy! I mean crazy!

Yes, those ideas generally come from you, my readers, friends and fellow foodies. Interestingly enough, for some inexplicable reason, I can never resist the temptation to try them and crazily enough, they always turn out great! (which is why I ask that you keep sending me your “crazy” ideas and recipes)

Coca-Cola® Chicken

Last week as we were chatting in the teacher’s room, a fellow teacher, Tulio, told me about a chicken recipe. Shockingly simple and particularly weird. Only two ingredients: Coke® and bouillon cubes.

I never expected it (as usual) the flavors are sweetish and mild, but delicious. In my version I added a few ingredients, maybe because I always feel weird about recipes with so few ingredients! The original Tulio recipe is great for completing some stir fry vegetables and goes great with plain white rice.


Coke® Chicken

Tulio’s Ingredients

  • Chicken (ideally breasts or fillets)
  • Coke® (Not promoting them but I am a Coke® fan)
  • Bouillon cubes

I added

  • A bit of vinegar.
  • A bit of cayenne pepper.
  • Salt and pepper.


Heat up your pan, add a bit of oil and the bouillon cubes. Add the chicken and start adding the Coke® slowly so it does not become watery. Allow to cook until ready (5-7 minutes) The caramel is great. I think my ingredients added a bit of contrast and a little kick.

Goes great with plain white rice.

Yes, your “crazy” recipes are always welcome!

A big hug from the warm Caribbean!


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