Dominican Black Pepper Roast Pork Leg!

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Hello everyone!

As you might have noticed, I’ve taken Christmas the Dominican way and have not been around that much! Fortunately the “Sous Chef” has been bringing you very nice recipes!

Before leaving on vacation and as a Christmas gift I wanted to share this very Dominican and very Caribbean recipe.

Some of you know how much a fan I am of roasting and specially roasting pork legs in Christmas. I’ve published many roast leg recipes (at least on the Spanish side… sooorry) I’ve even published a youtube video to help with the roasting process.

On this recipe I kept Mama Pura’s proportions of course (The woman was genius) but I have made some changes, mainly changing the original oregano for black pepper.



  • 1 small front pork leg (10 lbs.)
  • 8 tbsp. garlic paste (natural!)
  • 5 tbsp. black pepper.
  • 8 tbsp. salt.
  • 1 cup sour orange juice
  • 1 large beer. (1 lt.)


Bathe your leg with the juice and reserve. Mix all ingredients, save for the beer and make a paste and season by massaging. Make small holes and fill them with seasoning, but never puncture the skin.

I prefer to season a few days ahead. If you do, remember to take it out with time to defrost.


Put in a preheated oven and cover with aluminum foil. Fire low to the minimum. With a leg this size, 7 hours should suffice. Around 3.5 hours after putting in. uncover, bathe with beer and cover again. (Allow the beer to stay so the leg cooks in it) at about the 6th hour, uncover and raise the fire so that it takes a nice golden color. You may also use a glazing (I prepare one with red wine, honey and red wine vinegar)

You’ll get a tender, juicy, amazingly well cooked meat!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a deliciously happy new year!

I’d like to share my good friend’s coquito recipe (Puertorican eggnog) Go check it out @ Sisco Vanilla


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3 Responses to Dominican Black Pepper Roast Pork Leg!

  1. Amber says:

    Happy New Year Arturo! This roasted pork leg looks perfect for a large family gathering! My family had turkey and ham over the holiday.

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