Out on vacation…and an American Breakfast!

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Hello everyone!

We have been on vacation for a while but we’re back and I promise to make it up to you all!

The “Sous Chef” and I were, along with the little ones and most of the family in Florida during Christmas, New Year and the following week. We had a great time but promised not to go back to Disney until we have to carry no strollers and no one needs to be lifted, carried or helped up!

We want to wish you all a great and happy new year 2013 and we hope the Big Chef allow you all to be perfectly termed, tasty and happy this year, that your fires burn strong and that you never lose your edge! May all your projects cook to perfection!

I also want to thank you all for all your support. 2012 was by far our best year. We had over a quarter million visits and just in December we had as many visits as we had in 2011 in half a year! We continue to grow and we can only thank you for that!

Next week we’ll start with some very interesting and traditional recipes. In the meantime I leave you with a very traditional and tasty breakfast we had in Hudson, Florida, at a traditional diner.


A big hug from the warm Caribbean (Boy am I glad to be back!)


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About Arturo Féliz-Camilo

Escritor. Consultor. Historiador. Cocinero tradicional Dominicano. (Writer. Consultant. Historian. Dominican traditional food cook)
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4 Responses to Out on vacation…and an American Breakfast!

  1. That looks like the real deal, but I’d have to taste it to be sure.:)

  2. Amber says:

    Yum!! Last time I was in Florida my friend and I tried quite a few different diners. There were the chain restaurants (Denny’s and IHOP), which were good. But, she introduced me to a Mom-n-Pop shop a few blocks away that was just amazing. I tried biscuits and gravy with a fried egg there (very traditional in the south I’m told) and it was delicious!

    • I know! It’s the little diners where locals go the ones that we need to check out! This one was packed. We took two tables (there were like 14 of us) and it was like people coming and going non stop and the waiters knew everyone’s names! The food was amazing! I’ll definitely get some more of that the next time I’m in the area! (Which could be soon considering I’ve been to Florida 2 times this year already!)

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