Pumpkin Mash

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Hello Everyone!

Last week I shared the vinaigrette onions recipe and interestingly enough, mots people have been interested in what’s under the onions than in the onions!

Well, Dominicans like mashes a lot, especially for breakfasts and dinners. The most common and popular or course is the legendary “mangú” (pronounced /man-goo/) but there are many others that we prepare and highly favor. One of them is the pumpkin mash.

Please bear in mind that the Dominican Pumpkin is not exactly the same variety found in other places and especially not the common variety found in the United States. It’s not particularly sweet and the mash is consumed very similarly to how mash potatoes are in the US.

puré de auyama con cebollitas

When you get a very creamy pumpkin (good) you don’t need a lot of help. When you get a watery one (bad) it’s hard to make a good mash. Nevertheless, things that you use to try to help the mash a bit when your pumpkin is not optimal are: evaporated milk, buttermilk, cream cheese, etc.

In this case, we’re getting amazing pumpkins from our farm (yes, we have a farm, which is why we’re publishing a bit less now!) and they don’t need that much help.

Recipe for a pumpkin mash with amazing pumpkins.


  • Amazing pumpkins.
  • Whole milk.
  • Butter.
  • Salt.


Really? Boil, puree and mix to a creamy perfect mash. We serve with vinaigrette onions on top and fried eggs, salami or fried cheese.

puré de auyama con cebollitas

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A big hug from the warm caribbean.


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5 Responses to Pumpkin Mash

  1. Bill Peeler says:

    This sounds like such great and hearty side dish!

  2. That looks great! do you buy a whole pumkin to make this? I’ve only ever used canned pumpkin

    • Oh yeah. Not only is it whole but it comes directly from our own farm. 100% natural. No pesticides or fertilizers of any kind, not even organic ones. They are so amazing this season. The texture is just like potatoes. My 5 year old daughter called it “yellow potato mash”.

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