Racairo™ Style Congrí! (Dominican Bean rice)


Hello again!

A few days ago we shared a Salmon prepared by our friends at Racairo™.  We love their videos, because we get to see traditional Dominican food as well as listen to their music.

Dominican Heat and its Spanish edition (El Fogoncito) Have always been an open channel to share ours and our friends traditional Dominican recipes with the world. A way of broadcasting and promoting our rich culture. Our friends at Racairo™  took us at our word and we’re happy they have. In the next few days we will continue to share some of their food and music.

I leave you with their take at a very traditional Dominican (and Caribbean to be fair) recipe. Bean rice or “Congrí” Racairo™ Style.

A big hug from the warm… and already rainy! (I did tell you it was getting cloudy) Caribbean!


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About Arturo Féliz-Camilo

Escritor. Consultor. Historiador. Cocinero tradicional Dominicano. (Writer. Consultant. Historian. Dominican traditional food cook)
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11 Responses to Racairo™ Style Congrí! (Dominican Bean rice)

  1. billpeeler says:

    That looks so hearty and delicious!

  2. mariposaoro says:

    Good recipe!! I notice there are may similarities with my Rice and Peas recipe… I notice that you fry the seasonings(Onions and garlic.) first… In Jamaican households, we tend to firstly boil the beans,in fresh water after soaking them overnight, with just some salt to start with.. Then if we want to we add stock-Although many leave it plain, so that there isn’t a problem for vegetarians/vegans if chicken stock is used!, onions,garlic,thyme, and even allspice berries.. We use traditionally a type of beans called Gungo/Pigeon Peas, which is more in line with Puerto Ricans dish of Arroz con Gandules..There are some of us who use kidney beans and even black beans(Like Cubas ‘Moros Y Cristianos’.) too.. I wonder for your Congri, do you add coconut milk/cream? Jamaicans never do with out that… A few differences, but many similarities…

    • Hi Mari! Yes to everything! Notice that in this case, canned black beans were used, so that is why the beans were not previously boiled. We Dominicans also soak overnight and also pre-boil them when they’re not canned. We almost never use stock, but also use almost all the other spices (generally not allspice though) We call them all “moros” and we do them all (pigeon peas with or without coconut milk, kidney, black and white bean moros and even some other beans I don’t know how to call in English) in the coast people use coconut milk very frequently in moros but it’s prepared both ways and if it does have coconut milk, it will be announced in the name of the recipe. Ex. “pigeon pea moro with coconut”.

      • mariposaoro says:

        I thought so…It just occurred to me that my family are probably not very traditional Jamaicans…My mother does not use gungo/pigeon peas all the time , but prefers to use Rosecoco/Pinto Beans… Sometimes I just use black beanbs or black eyed peas..The similaritiy of the Carib countries really is something,eh?

      • I know! My mom loves black eyes peas and I really dislike them. I think your mom is Dominican! I have a bit of Puertorican as well and travel there often and their food is as different as the food from one region of DR is different to that of a different region. Caribbeans are just a big family!

    • BTW! I tried once a pigeon pea rice with coconut milk at a Jamaican restaurant and I can say it tasted almost exactly the same as the Dominican version. (With stewed goat if you’re wondering and that also tasted almost the same as the Dominican version) in summary, I felt like I was eating Dominican food (Except for a very strong ginger juice that I enjoyed but it’s like nothing I ever tasted in Dominican food)

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