The Dominican Cooking Lexicon


Hello friends and fellow foodies!

A few weeks ago I shared with you, with some sadness, our new project: Diccionario Culinario Dominicano. We were of course very happy to present it in our Spanish site ( but it was bittersweet to share with you, our English speaking friends, fans, supporters and subscribers, because many of you would not be able to enjoy it in your own language.

I have to admit that as much as I feel very comfortable speaking English, writing a whole book in English is a whole different deal. It’s much more stressful. I decided, regardless, to make sure that I made this one available for you as soon as possible (yes, I know I still owe you Mama Pura’s recipes, but that is my next project)

I started to translate the Diccionario Culinario Dominicano (Literally: Dominican Culinary Diccionary) or “Dominican Cooking Lexicon” even before the Spanish edition was ready. As I was almost halfway done, my beautiful wife and “Sous Chef” pointed out an interesting fact: “How will non-Spanish speakers know how to pronounce Dominican Spanish words”. It made a lot of sense, especially because a lot of our cooking words come from Taino tradition so they’re not even technically Spanish. That is how the “Pronunciation keys” idea came to be. The problem? It sent me back many days of work, as I had to start working right away.

As a special make-up treat, the “Dominican Cooking Lexicon” is much more detailed and has more explanations that its Spanish counterpart. It has many more footnotes and even an image that is not available in the Spanish edition (Dominican cooking regions)

It even has content not available in the Spanish edition. That does not bother me and I don’t intend to complete the Spanish Edition. When explaining our culture it takes a bit more when speaking to English speakers than Spanish ones for obvious reasons. That is also why while our two sites are parallel they’re not exactly identical and will never be.

The “Dominican Cooking Lexicon” is already available from Amazon and Createspace. (In Paperback and digital editions)

In Createspace you may get a 10% discount with code B3K9FBG2.

Now, as a special treat to our supporters, the DIGITAL EDITIONS of BOTH books as well as all of our other tales books will be available FOR FREE DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON starting tomorrow and during the entire weekend (Friday to Sunday)

This offer is only made public through our Facebook page and Site. Take advantage, spread the word and PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO SUPPORT US BY LEAVING YOUR HONEST REVIEWS IN AMAZON.

 “The Dominican Cooking Lexicon”                                          “Diccionario Culinario Dominicano”

To visit the Amazon pages just click on the images.

Thanks for all your support and motivation.

Lots of love from the warm Caribbean!


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Escritor. Consultor. Historiador. Cocinero tradicional Dominicano. (Writer. Consultant. Historian. Dominican traditional food cook)
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