Scrambled egg rice!

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Hello friends!

A typical dish Dominicans like to eat due to being economical, easy and quick is fried egg and rice. This is kind of my take on it, by basically doing it together as a scrambled egg rice.

This is extremely simple as the egg is added in the end, when the rice is ready to serve. It’s also great with fried rice or chow-fan. 

arroz con huevo


1.  3 cups rice.

2.  Salt to taste

3.  2 tbsps. vegetable oil.

4.  3 cups water.

5.  4 eggs.

*You may adjust proportions to your needs.

arroz con huevo


Heat oil, add some some salt, then rice, then water. Stir around until rice dries off, then cover and lower the fire to the minimum. Allow to cook for 15-20 minutes.

Scramble the eggs with pepper and  butter. Save.

After 15-20 minutes (when the rice is cooked) uncover, add the scrambled eggs, mix and serve.

A big hug from the warm Caribbean!


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2 Responses to Scrambled egg rice!

  1. Amber says:

    What a great recipe! Add a few vegetables and this would be a meal itself! Reminds me of my grandmother’s fried rice recipe, which is very similar but calls for peas.

    • We love to add other things! Actually one of the most common versions is the chow fan with scrambled eggs. So definitely feel free to add all the vegetables you like. I personally love to add chopped chives, onions and celery. 🙂

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