The best of Dominican Desserts!

Hello friends and fellow foodies!

For some time we had been noticing the obvious: everyone loves desserts.

What we found interesting is that, much as Dominican cuisine as a whole, Dominican desserts are largely unknown. I mean, it makes sense too: what would be interesting about desserts made from fresh fruits and ingredients, generally organic, without preservatives, pure and beautifully delicious?

That is why we decided to start compiling some of the most traditional and natural Dominican dessert recipes. We are very excited to publish them. We are also excite that for the first time, we are simultaneously publishing in both English and Spanish.

They are available through Amazon and Createspace, but here comes the good part: tomorrow, Friday 5th and Saturday 6th they’ll be available for FREE download from Amazon. We will of course appreciate your honest reviews in Amazon but don’t feel obliged. It is our gift to you.

The Best of Dominican Desserts & Los mejores postres dominicanos. (Just click on the links below)

                           “Los mejores postres dominicanos”             “the best Dominican desserts”

You’ll be able to get them as usual in paperback edition from Amazon. Also from Createspace with the customary 10% de discount with code X42JXSN5.

                           “Los mejores postres dominicanos”             “the best Dominican desserts”

A big hug from the warm (today very rainy actually) Caribbean!


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Escritor. Consultor. Historiador. Cocinero tradicional Dominicano. (Writer. Consultant. Historian. Dominican traditional food cook)
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