Black bean rice! (Congrí)

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Hello everyone!

After almost three years of sharing almost only traditional Dominican recipes I still manage to find traditional common everyday recipes like this one.

The main reason I think is how rich Dominican traditional cuisine is, although by now you have probably figured out, it heavily relies on rice. That’s why Dominicans always say that unless they’ve had rice they have not eaten at all!

Black bean rice or “congrí” is also a very popular in the Caribbean and specially in Cuban cuisine.

Black bean rice (congrí)

Black bean rice (congrí)

The “black bean moro”, although not as popular as the red bean rice or the coconut pigeon pea rice, is also one of those foods that the defines being Dominican. A Dominican will never refuse a good Moro, especially if it comes with a saucy stewed meat. These are the kind of foods responsible for all those one time foreigners who came as tourists and stayed. Some married, some relocated with their whole families, all blended in the “moro” that is the Dominican Republic, never to return to their countries of origin. Lost in the delicious bliss of Caribbean life…

(for 4 people)


1.      4 cups of rice
2.      4 cups of water
3.      2 tbsp. garlic paste
4.      1 pound of previously softened black beans (I don’t recommend canned, they are quick and easy but the flavor is different. But use If you have no other choice)
5.      Onion, cubanela pepper, cilantrico, oregano.
6.      A stalk of celery.
7.      1 spoonful of tomato paste. (or leave out for a traditional style version)
8.      A bit of sour orange juice (or vinegar)

9.      A bouillon cube (you may exchange with an extra stalk of celery)
10.      Salt.

Black bean rice (congrí)

Black bean rice (congrí)


Lighty fry all ingredients except the rice and the beans, then add the beans, the rice and the water. When the water boils the rice is added. Allow to dry off while constantly moving. When it dries off, add the orange juice and cover. Let it cook for 30 minutes at low fire.

A big hug from the rainy Caribbean (yup, we expect a storm tomorrow but the rains already started)


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