A creamy pumkin rice!

Creamy pumkin rice

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Hello everyone!

Some time ago I shared a recipe from the very heart of Dominican cooking that I also enjoyed very much: “Pumkpin rice”  (locrio de pava) As I shared at that time, it is basically a rice cooked with pumpkin very much in the same fashion we cook all locrios. A countryside survival dish (as usually “locrios” will have a protein)

The Dominican “auyama” (a type of pumpkin or squash from the American perspective) is one of the foods that Dominicans always seek and love.  It’s so popular that a common expression is “to be like the pumpkin” which generally means to be lucky.

Pumpkin cream with red and black pepper

Pumpkin cream with red and black pepper

We started to produce our own auyama a few months ago. Not in our backyard but a bit more seriously. (at one of our farms) Last week we made our first cut and sold over a thousand pounds (which is not really that much, but it’s only our first cut)

It was truly extraordinary auyama. We were blessed with a very creamy auyama. I won’t give many details on the whole adventure because I plan to do so on Monday.  Our whole agricultural adventure!

As you can imagine we kept a few for the family and have been enjoying them big time. The “sous chef” prepared her amazing auyama cream and even I did my own version of the creamy dish (I’ll share with you! I promise!)

Creamy pumpkin rice

Creamy pumpkin rice

The cream was so rich that I was thought about using it as a base for a rice. (did that really surprise you?) It is not exactly a pava locrio, because it doesn’t have pieces of whole pumpkin, but rather it is a creamy auyama rice.

I hope you enjoy it!

Start with a cream of pumpkin. I just realized that I have not shared a pumpkin cream recipe with you (I have in elfogoncito.net) but because I intend to share my own let’s just briefly explain how to make it.

Pumpkin cream

Boil and blend your pumpkin. Take back to the pot and add some chicken stock. Add a bit of butter, buttercream, cream of milk and whole milk. Salt and pepper and end with a bit of red pepper. Yummy! Now you have your pumpkin cream. Please resist the temptation to just eat it with some toasty baguette. Ok, if you haven’t tried it, just go for it and you can try this recipe later! LOL

Creamy pumpkin rice

Creamy pumpkin rice

Ingredients for a creamy pumpkin rice

  • 2 cups of rice.
  • 1 cup of auyama cream.
  • 1 cup of water
  • Salt to taste.
  • Corn and green peas (to add color and beauty)
  • Black and red pepper


Heat some oil, add the salt and the rice, fry lightly for 30 seconds, add the auyama cream and the water. Keep moving it until it dries off. When it does cover, lower the fire and allow to cook for 25 minutes.

Add the corn and the peas when it’s all cooked. Mix well and serve. Some chopped chives on top isn’t such a bad idea either!

Finish with a touch of black and red pepper.

A big hug from the windy Caribbean!


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7 Responses to A creamy pumkin rice!

  1. Roxanna says:

    Great! I was planed to reap my own auyama too, from my sunroof, but the rainy season kill the plantation 😦 Anyway, we enjoyed eaten a lot of flowers.
    I will try testing this savory rice, surely I will enjoy! 😉

  2. Amber says:

    What is auyama cream? How is it different from a regular table cream?

    • Auyama is Dominican pumpkin. It is a variety similar in texture to the butternut squash. We make a creamy soup with it. I used that cream as a base to a rice, which is why the rice is yellow. Very tasty!

      In Spanish pumpkin is usually called “calabaza” but Dominicans generally call it “auyama” (regionalism)


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