A baby back rib adventure!

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Hello everyone!

I think that to say that I love the kitchen won’t surprise anybody, but what may be a surprise is that I enjoy more to cook and to see others enjoy what I cook than to eat.

The truth is that there are very few things I’m truly crazy about, among those few ones baby back ribs have a privileged place.

Baby back ribs

Baby back ribs

Some days ago we were invited for lunch and I’m not yet sure if it was an ambush, because we barely made it out of there. I had not eaten so much in a long time.

Along with the great ribs we were also surprised with some delicious stuffed BBQ potatoes. I’ll share that recipe next week.

Stuffed BBQ potatoes

Stuffed BBQ potatoes

I leave you with the pictures. Don’t go far, next week is our pumpkin week to celebrate, with pumpkin dishes and recipes our recent pumpkin crop.

A big hug from the rainy Caribbean.


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