The heart of a pumpkin

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The heart of the pumkin 

Hello friends!

An old proverb in the Dominican Republic says that “the heart of the pumpkin (auyama) is only known to the knife”, which basically means that no one knows what others really feel but it also expresses the common knowledge that a good creamy pumpkin is hard to spot based only on looks.

Dominican pumpkin (auyama criolla)

Dominican pumpkin (auyama criolla)

As we shared, we have been producing pumpkin of great quality but it’s hardly our merit.

In fact the merit goes entirely to the wisdom of the region’s farmers. For many years the farmers have been carrying out a process of natural selection by only replanting the seeds of the best pumpkin in the area, which has led to the obvious result. Pumpkin in our farm region is amazing.

Early this year we travelled to our farm many times and had plenty of chance to try it and decided it would be a crime to import seed, so we used the region’s. It has proven a wise decision. Not only was it strong due to being very accustomed to the region’s weather but the quality was superb.

Dominican pumpkin mash (auyama mash)

Dominican pumpkin mash (auyama mash)

So in our case the say does not really apply. You’d fall for this pumpkin at first sight and never be sorry about it.

Today we share another pumkin mash recipe and while it was truly amazing the results are heavily based on the quality of the pumpkin.



1. ½ medium auyama (some 2 lbs.)

2. butter

3. whole milk.

4. Cream cheese

5. salt and pepper.


Boil the pumpkin or auyama until it is very soft. These auyamas are in about 5-8 minutes after tossing them in boiling water.

Dominican pumpkin mash (auyama mash)

Dominican pumpkin mash (auyama mash)

Make a puree and add milk, butter (at least a spoonful) and cream cheese. The proportions according to your taste. We use a spoonful of each and use the milk to take to our preferred texture.

Salt and pepper and enjoy!

A big hug from the warm Caribbean!


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  1. Lovely! I absolutely adore pumpkin and cannot wait to try this recipe!

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