Old hen with eggs traditional Dominican stew

Stewed old hen with egg Dominican recipe

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Hello friends and fellow foodies!

Traditional “old hen stew” is very similar to the old rooster stew recipe.

Some traditional Dominican dishes are extremely hard to see unless you come from a traditional countryside Dominican family. Even I, coming from two traditional and ancient Dominican families and being married to a Dominican woman from a very pure countryside family have only seen this dish a couple dozen times in my life.

organic hen (gallina criolla)

organic hen (gallina criolla)

The “sous chef” tells me she saw it fairly frequently growing up (she grew up in the countryside, I didn’t) But today, it’s very rare.

Stewed hen is uncommon but much easier to come across, now stewed hen with egg (“gallina agüeva’) is much harder to see.

Hen with egg is just an organic hen (as are all birds grown in our countryside) in which eggs are found when sacrificed. No one purposely sacrifices a hen thinking of it being full of egg, it just happens. It’s considered “a surprise”. When the hen is cooked, these eggs are also cooked in the stew and are very appreciated. A true jewel of the typical cuisine of the Dominican Republic.

organic hen

organic hen

The stews are the soul of the Dominican cooking culture and they’re already in our list of projects.

In our culture a good old hen stew is more than a nutritious meal, it’s something that cures you.

The power of the flavors in an organic old hen is simply impossible to replicate with younger birds.


Ingredients for a good stew of Creole hen  

  • An old hen.
  • 1 cilantro bundle.
  • 1 cilantrico bundle.
  • 2 sweet peppers (small).
  • 1 spoonful natural garlic paste.
  • 1 large red onion.
  • 1 celery bush.
  • 1 cubanela pepper.
  • 1 spoonful of tomato paste
  • 1 sour orange.
  • Salt

Directions for the Dominican hen stew

Washed the with the juice of a sour orange.

Old hen is hard meat. So let’s begin to tenderize in a pressure cooker (half an hour should do it)

I like to add some garlic, celery and onion in the pot so the flavors start blending into the meat. Start a  sofrito (stir fry) with some oil with all the ingredients (onion, celery, etc.) except the meat.

organic hen (with eggs)

organic hen (with eggs)

Leave it a couple of minutes, add the meat and let it color. When the meat has mixed well with the rest of the ingredients, add a cup of water (you may add more later if needed),raise the fire and cover until it boils. When it boils, lower the fire and leave covered until very tender and the flavors have developed well. (25-30 minutes)

Serve with white rice, stewed red beans and a beautiful avocado slice.

A big hug from the VERY warm Caribbean!


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