Deep fried Dominican squash (auyama)!

Deep fried Dominican Squash (pumpkin)

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Hello friends and fellow foodies!

Today I share a very simple and tasty recipe. You may serve as a side dish to many dishes, but a Dominican would probably think of fried salami, longaniza, sausage, etc.

Dominican squash

Dominican squash

Ingredients for deep fried Dominican squash

  • Dominican squash
  • Water
  • Garlic
  • Black pepper
  • Red pepper
  • Salt
Dominican squash

Dominican squash

Directions for preparing fried squash

Peel and cut your squash in cubes.

Mash some garlic. Fill a bowl with water and add some salt and the garlic. Put the water in a pot and let it boil. When boiling add the squash cubes and let it boil for 5 minutes. It it’s very soft squash you might have to take out earlier. You don’t want it to soft before frying.

Dominican squash

Dominican squash

In hot oil, but not too hot (it should not be smoking hot) fry until hard on the outside. Take out and sprinkle red and black pepper.



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