Fried plantain chips

Fried plantain chips

(Chicharritas, platanitos, platanutres or mariquitas)

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Hello friends and fellow foodies!

Fried plantain chips are extremely popular in the Caribbean and possibly the most popular in the Dominican Republic. They get called different names depending of the island. platanitos or chicharritas in Dominican Republic, platanutres in Puerto Rico and mariquitas or chicharritas also in Cuba.

fried plantain chips (chicharritas, platanitos, mariquitas or platanutres)

fried plantain chips (chicharritas, platanitos, mariquitas or platanutres)

Ingredients and preparation is extremely easy.

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Fried plantain chips

  • Plantains.
  • Vegetable oil.
  • Salt.

Preparing fried plantain chips

Peel and slice your plantains. Heat your oil until it’s very hot but not smoking hot.

Fry until they’re crunchy.

We have them with salt, ketchup or fried sausage or longaniza.

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El sazón de la cocina dominicana and Dominican Spice

El sazon de la cocina dominicana & Dominican Spice

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