Dominican fried chicken! (“Pica pollo”)

Dominican “Pica Pollo”

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Hello my dear friends and fellow foodies!

Today I bring you a very popular recipe in Dominican street food culture:“pica pollo”. (which is basically Dominican street fried chicken)

Dominicans love chicken (as a thousand and one recipes involving chicken published so far show) but it has also become a convenient, easy, economic and quick way to have lunch while on the road or to just avoid the kitcken for one day.

Chicharrones de pollo

Dominican pica pollo generally passed through flour which makes this coating keep all the marvelous seasoning we use.

Today, “pica pollo” is probably the most popular street food in Dominican Republic. 

Chicharrones de pollo

Ingredients for a Dominican “Pica Pollo”

  • A 3 pound chicken (you may adjust to suit your family size or event)
  • 1 tbsp. garlic paste.
  • 1 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce.
  • 3 lemons.
  • Wheat white flour.
  • Salt, black and red pepper (red pepper is not traditional but it adds a “punch”) and a bit of oregano.
  • 1 chicken bouillon cube.

Preparing a Dominican “Pica Pollo”

Wash your chicken and season with a mix of all the ingredients. If the lemons were not too juicy maybe you can add some more lemon juice, as the acid enhances all other flavors.

El Fogoncito

The meat should be mildly wet so that it takes well the flour.

Fry in abundant oil and let them cook until golden brown. (As in the pics)

Be careful not to overheat the oil as that will lead to the outside being ready while the inside is still raw. Hot oil should not smoke. If it’s smoking, turn off and let it cool and start over a bit later.

Hope you enjoy! I think I’ll go and prepare some of this with a pack of drumsticks I have in the fridge.


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6 Responses to Dominican fried chicken! (“Pica pollo”)

  1. N says:

    I made this recently and turned out great. Do you have a recipe for chambre or sancocho de habichuelas y coco?

    • I’m glad! There are some sancocho recipes (no coco, sorry!) no chambre either. Just type sancocho on the search bar and it will take you to all of our sancocho recipes.

      If you speak Spanish you can visit our Spanish page ( it has many more recipes than our English page!

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