Dominican Spice

Dominican Spice

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This has been one of our most common topics. We have devoted so much time and energy to discussing Dominican Spice that not long ago we decided to write a short book, with a photographic glossary of the most common Dominican spices and herbs.

Dominican Spice

Dominican Spice

Dominican Spice” has been receiving lots of interest and we believe it’s precisely because there was not much available before it came out that would explain the spices and seasonings we use every day.

The interesting thing is, that while Dominican seasoning can be quite complex sometimes, it is generally rather simple and it can almost be summarized in three ingredients: oregano, garlic and salt.

In its most basic form it can even be reduced to oregano and salt.

And that is what we meant when we shared the Dominican beef asopao rice recipe. While having lunch at a very humble home, from the hands of a very traditional Dominican cook, in a lost town of the Dominican Republic’s southern region, we enjoyed this amazing beef asopao, with a slice of avocado and a bit of traditional and pure Dominican spice.

You need to hold this in your hand and sprinkle your food with it to truly understand what this hand-ground fresh oregano seasoning is all about. A marvel.

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It’s the expression of the greatest, purest and most simple Dominican cuisine. I share the pics with you with the same love I enjoyed it.

A big hig from the warm Caribbean!

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