Dominican sweet beans

 Dominican sweet beans

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The Dominican sweet beans recipe is one that is very close to every Dominican’s heart.

Dominicans sweet beans can be enjoyed at any time and in any season, but for some inexplicable reason, it is rarely seen outside of the Catholic time of lent.

Dominican sweet beans is a dessert (even though we enjoy it at any time of day during lent) and it’s prepared from a base red bean cream. It is very similar to the creamy stewed red beans that Dominicans enjoy as part of “The flag” (The traditional national dish of white rice, stewed beans and stewed meat) but instead of bean savory it’s sweet.

habichuelas con dulce dominicanas

Dominican sweet beans

Ingredients for preparing great Dominican sweet beans

  1. 1 lb. red kidney beans
  2. 2 cans evaporated milk (315 g)
  3. 1 can condensed milk (315 g)
  4. ¼ lb. sweet potato (Dominican sweet potato is a different variety than American sweet potato. Dominican sweet potato is green)
  5. Small round milk cookies (traditional for sweet beans).
  6. 2 small raisins boxes
  7. Sugar. (Adjust to taste. It’ supposed to be sweet but not everyone likes the same level of sweetness)
  8. A sprinkle of salt.
  9. A sprinkle of clover, nutmeg and cinnamon.
habichuelas con dulce dominicanas

Dominican sweet beans

Preparing Dominican sweet beans

Soften (pressure cooker makes the job easier), blend and strain your beans.

They are supposed to be creamy but clean of any peel.

Start your pot and put the bean cream in.

Add your sweet potatoes, evaporated and condensed milk.

When your sweet potatoes are soft, add a sprinkle of salt, add as much sugar as needed to attain the level of sweetness you like and turn off.

Some of us enjoy hot while some enjoy cool. If you enjoy cool then take the refrigerator and cool.

When ready to eat, add the cookies and raisins and enjoy!

Enjoy the pictures!

habichuelas con dulce dominicanas

Dominican sweet beans

A big hug from the warm Caribbean!

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