Tostones and fried eggs – Dominican breakfasts

Tostones and fried eggs

Dominican breakfasts 

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Today we share another very traditional Dominican breakfast.

The plantain is very probably the most popular fruit in the Dominican Republic. We eat it in many different ways.

huevo frito

a perfectly fried egg

Plantain is so popular that a common phrase of Dominican pride is “I’m more Dominican than plantain” (“yo soy más dominicano que ‘l plátano”)

Plantain is also a rule in popular Dominican dishes such as the famous  Dominican Sancocho. A sancocho without plantain is not technically a sancocho. It’s that big.

Tostones or fried plantains are highly appreciated by Dominicans and a very common street food as well. Generally a side for a few slices of fried salami.

Tostones are very well known because they have transcended the borders of the Caribbean (It’s also a very popular dish in most Caribbean countries) and found their way to the highest of the high cuisine restaurants in the world.

huevo frito

tostones and fried eggs

Fried eggs are not very practical for the paper bag in which street vendors generally serve tostones and salami, which is why fried eggs and tsotones is more of a homemade breakfast than a street one. In the countryside it is generally sided by avocado.

These are what I call 1/3 (one thirds) because I make only three out of a plantain, which makes for a larger tostón. That’s not really impressive considering some street vendors do a tostón out of a plantain sometimes (which makes for a truly huge tostón)

A plantain allows for around 7 regular tostones.

Hope you enjoy the pics.

A big hug from the warm Caribbean!

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1 Response to Tostones and fried eggs – Dominican breakfasts

  1. Judy Wilson says:

    It’s pretty interesting to see something that people typically eat for breakfast in the Dominican Republic. Tostones with fried eggs seems like a really tasty meal. I can imagine how fried egg and fried plantains would be really good, so I might want to try this sometime. Thanks for sharing this!

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