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Dominican Spice

This has been one of our most common topics. We have devoted so much time and energy to discussing Dominican Spice that not long ago we decided to write a short book, with a photographic glossary of the most common Dominican spices and herbs… Continue reading

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Garlic skin burns

Garlic skin burns Peeling garlic can be a dangerous thing…seriously! Hello friends! A few days ago I was preparing my usual garlic paste (to which I have been lately adding some salt and vinegar to keep fresh longer) and as … Continue reading

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The heart of a pumpkin

The heart of the pumkin  Hello friends! An old proverb in the Dominican Republic says that “the heart of the pumpkin (auyama) is only known to the knife”, which basically means that no one knows what others really feel but … Continue reading

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Our agricultural adventure!

Hello everyone! The last few months we have been pretty exciting. We have gotten involved in many interesting projects. One of them is our agricultural project. It looks like a lot of people are into producing their own food, which … Continue reading

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A baby back rib adventure!

Hello everyone! I think that to say that I love the kitchen won’t surprise anybody, but what may be a surprise is that I enjoy more to cook and to see others enjoy what I cook than to eat. The … Continue reading

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Cocaleca! (little rice or “arrocito”)

Hello everyone! Some days ago I came across some “arrocito ” (literal “little rice”) and it brought back some memories. Of course I got some, how could I resist the temptation? The “arrocito ” or “cocaleca ” street treat is … Continue reading

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Out on vacation…and an American Breakfast!

Hello everyone! We have been on vacation for a while but we’re back and I promise to make it up to you all! The “Sous Chef” and I were, along with the little ones and most of the family in Florida during Christmas, New … Continue reading

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A “Proper Sancocho”!

Hello friends!! I had shared some time ago the sancocho recipe, (sorry guys I haven’t got to translating that one) but i always wanted to share how a proper sancocho is made and specially how it’s shared, because Sancocho, more … Continue reading

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