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A perfectly balanced vinaigrette!

Hello everyone! A good vinaigrette is one of those things so simple that it’s hard to get it right. I guess sometimes it’s harder to exercise restraint than to just let go! A few days ago we tried an excellent … Continue reading

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Sweet potato salad!

Hello my dear friends and fellow foodies! Potato salad is one of my favorites. Today I share with you a slightly different version: a sweet potato salad! Sweet potato, besides being flavorful is considered healthier than the common potato, for … Continue reading

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Tipile, Taboule, Tabbouleh or Tabouli!

Hello friends and fellow foodies!! Today I bring you a fully vegetarian recipe. My mom is a very adventurous and creative cook. Since very young we learned to eat all types of rare vegetables and foreign recipes. Our table was … Continue reading

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