How to use the site


The idea of the website is to share my recipes while getting fresh ideas, advice, comments and new recipes from you!

All of the pictures in the site are original and ours. No picture has been pulled from the web. All pictures here are of foods that we have cooked (and eaten, he he he…)

I publish recipes as they occur to me and as I cook them. On weekends I usually just publish pictures, ideas, etc. My “sous chef” (My wife) usually publishes one dessert every week.

Our food is mainly Dominican and caribbean, but we sometimes like to travel a bit into “unchartered waters”, so you can expect it all here.

If you want a specific recipe you can send me a message and I’ll add it to the cue. If it’s already there I will probably reschedule it to as soon as possible. You can always leave a comment anywhere or just send me an email at: I have hundreds of recipes, so while there are already hundreds published, there are many more to come.

Make sure you also subscribe. It’s easy (although not as easy as I would like and free) That way you’ll get all our recipes as soon as we publish them.

“Chef” Arturo :)

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