Mamá Pura

Mama Pura (Mi grandmother, may her soul rest in peace) was in many ways my mother and we all loved her as you can only love a mother. We had the blessing of having her along “Mami”. She gave us all she could give and that was a lot. He infinite love, her delicious laughs, her raging threats, her advice, her love and care, her touch and a river of anecdotes and popular wisdom.

Mama Pura is my main inspiration in the kitchen as she loved the same kind of food and cooking style I do. “To cook delicious simple food” seemed to be her moto. I feel responsible for continuing the family culinary tradition, as she passed many tasty family secrets and entrusted me with that wealth.

Mama passed last year (2010) and I had the privilege of being by her side when she did.

Whenever I cook something really delicious I can’t help it but thinking in Mama. She loved food so much. I love you Mama Pura.

Mama Pura

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  1. mariposaoro says:

    I am sure that yourAbuela is very proud of you for remembering her and adopting helped. cooking style!

    • Thanks! Mamá loved me very especially. I was her youngest and only male grandchild, so you can only imagine how much she spoiled me. I still remember falling asleep on her belly. I must have been 2 years old and still remember. I now follow on that tradition (my 2 year old son, who also happens to be the only male and youngest) with my boy. I’m also teaching them love for food, cooking and family.

      Mamá’s always with us and I feel her touch every time someone reads, comments, likes and shares my (her) recipes! Thanks!

  2. mariposaoro says:

    Sorry for typos…Such a touching post…I never got to know mi abuela….But somehow I think I have her kind of spirit and cook with her in my kitchen.. I believe in the afterlife a lot…I have been told by my mom that sometimes I hold my handbag or smile like her…So maybe I have her other traits too… She had a slight temper and was spirited and lively(The most common term is PASSIONATE! Lol!)..So am I…But maybe thats a Latin thing…Since she was of Latin origin… Some traits do not go away even after 2 generations!! Lol! I wish I had known her… I know that she must visit sometimes and wonder what her youngest grandchild, who she never got to see during her life, is doing and why she changes up traditional Jamaican/Latin recipes!!

    I think for some, like yourself, grandmothers are like second mothers and authority figures, because in The Caribbean, even in D.R, matrilineal links are emphasized…There is always an anecdote, recipe,or memory and it is always from a much loved female from the family..

    • Yes, definitely! Thanks for your kind words!

      What you say is very true. Dominican families are very often maternal families and my family especially is even more. I was the only male in a 6 people family and yes, my grandma (Mama) was a second (most of the time a first, my mom worked) mom.

      The funny thing is I was the one, out of the 4, being the only male, that really took after cooking with a passion, which is also why she revealed to me some of her cooking secrets. Some she did not even give to my mom!

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