Some history

A lot of people ask me where does cooking come from and where was my love for food born.

Here’s a bit of that…

Ana Digna Rosario, (My great grandmother, rest in peace) was an epic cook. Mamá Pura , or “Mamá”, as some of us called her, rest in peace, was a great cook. A cook of really scrumptious foods that we all remember and that take us back to other times. She still seasoned the Christmas pork leg until just a few years ago.

Mi mother (Mama Antonia, for my children, nephews and niece) is an outstanding cook of healthy delicious meals. My dad is a cook of respect. A cook that doesn’t fear fat in his cooking (For which I admire him even more!)

Mi mother in law, whom I love like my own mother, Ana Digna Ramos, is another great cook in my life from whom I’ve learned a lot of traditional Dominican cooking. My “sancocho” owes her a lot.

As my sisters have always been more interested in eating than in cooking (Not to say they don’t cook) and I have always been passionate about food, I became the heir of all that family cooking wealth.

I like to consider myself a cook of delicious food. I’m not afraid to be creative, sometimes bold. I’m the guardian of some of Mamá Pura’s recipes (Including the pork leg seasoning) and I’m already training the next generation of little cooks (and by the way they seemed pretty interested in food also!)

I hope you enjoy my recipes! Come with me and join me in this cooking adventure that is “el fogoncito”.

3 Responses to Some history

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for all you do! I love your recipes!

  2. John Crespo says:

    Muy buenas tardes estimados Señores:

    Nos gustaría saber si uds fritan plátanos para alguna empresa, o para uds mismos como snack, si es asi nos gustaria ir a visitarlos y hacer algunas pruebas de sabor porque estamos interesados en encontrar a alguien que nos fabrique plátanos.

    Quedamos a la espera de sus comentarios

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