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Aroma de la Montaña Restaurant invites Chef Arturo Féliz-Camilo

Today we find ourselves in the spotlight. We have been summoned by Restaurante Aroma de la Montaña in the Jamaca de Dios complex in the amazingly beautiful city of Jarabacoa on the Dominican Republic mountains. Continue reading

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Meat scrapings and fried sweet potato

like stewed chicken meat, stewed beef and chicharrón (pork or chicken cracklings) have been very common. These dishes, generally leave a residue in the bottom of the pot, a scraping or “zurrapa”, which is why Dominicans… Continue reading

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Dominican Spice

This has been one of our most common topics. We have devoted so much time and energy to discussing Dominican Spice that not long ago we decided to write a short book, with a photographic glossary of the most common Dominican spices and herbs… Continue reading

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Dominican Beef Asopao Rice

What I found interesting is that most asopaos are made with chicken or pork, but this one was made with beef, which means… Continue reading

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Dominican fried chicken! (“Pica pollo”)

Dominican “Pica Pollo” Hello my dear friends and fellow foodies! Today I bring you a very popular recipe in Dominican street food culture:“pica pollo”. (which is basically Dominican street fried chicken) Dominicans love chicken (as a thousand and one recipes involving … Continue reading

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Dominican leave cakes (“Pasteles en Hoja”)

Dominican “pasteles en hoja” recipe Hello friends and fellow foodies! I had shared a recipe for Dominican leave cakes or “Pasteles en hoja” some time ago but the time is right (this is a traditional Christmas recipe) to revise it … Continue reading

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Fried plantain chips

Fried plantain chips (Chicharritas, platanitos, platanutres or mariquitas) Hello friends and fellow foodies! Fried plantain chips are extremely popular in the Caribbean and possibly the most popular in the Dominican Republic. They get called different names depending of the island. … Continue reading

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Wild faba bean rice!

Hello friends! A few days ago me and my brother in law went to the South of the Dominican Republic and specifically to the Barahona province. Not only did we enjoy amazing landscapes, rivers, lagoons and beaches but we also … Continue reading

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