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Dominican Spaguetti…with a twist

Traditional Dominican Spaguetti Recipe Hello friends and fellow foodies! One of the most simple, delicious and popular Dominican recipes is Spaghetti “A la Criolla”. I prepare them rather frequently, but a few days ago, I wanted to give it a … Continue reading

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Garlic skin burns

Garlic skin burns Peeling garlic can be a dangerous thing…seriously! Hello friends! A few days ago I was preparing my usual garlic paste (to which I have been lately adding some salt and vinegar to keep fresh longer) and as … Continue reading

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Black bean rice! (Congrí)

Hello everyone! After almost three years of sharing almost only traditional Dominican recipes I still manage to find traditional common everyday recipes like this one. The main reason I think is how rich Dominican traditional cuisine is, although by now … Continue reading

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Yuca mofongo stuffed roast turkey!

Hello friend and fellow foodies! Yesterday we wanted to prepare a traditional roast turkey, according to the American tradition while at the same time keeping a very Dominican cookery tradition. After some discussion, the “sous chef” and I came up … Continue reading

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My cheesesteak!

Hello friends!! A few months ago I shared a very juicy cheesesteak sandwich that the “Sous chef” and I had enjoyed while on vacation a month before in New Jersey. A few days ago I was thinking of that amazing … Continue reading

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White bean hummus “a la fogoncito”!

Hello friends and fellow foodies! For some time I’ve been thinking about a hummus recipe. Although we’re not vegetarian (not by a mile) we’re vegetarian food lovers and frequently have vegetarian meals. I have always loved grains and looooove beans … Continue reading

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